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Public Service Exam Practice

Specializing in Public Service Exams and Border Services Officer Test!

Public Service Exam preparation is made easy with PublicServicePrep! Our comprehensive Public Service Exam training program is designed to prepare you for the pre-employment exams and recruitment process for Government of Canada and Public Service jobs. PublicServicePrep’s unique program provides practice exams and interview preparation for various federal government and private sector positions. At PublicServicePrep we continuously work closely with government agencies and colleges to ensure that our clients receive high quality training and gain the advantage needed to get these highly competitive jobs. Our company is dedicated to helping you get a rewarding and lasting career!

Public Service Exam Preparation


Email us at: Info@PublicServicePrep.com or Click Here for contact information.

"It is not uncommon for the PSC to receive hundreds of applications for a single job opportunity"

- Public Service Commission 2003-2004 Annual Report

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