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Welcome to Public Service Prep!

If you are looking for a career within the federal Public Service, you can’t afford to be without PublicServicePrep. Every year the Government of Canada hires upwards of 40,000 people for Public Service jobs across Canada. However, the recruitment process is highly competitive! For each of these desirable positions there are hundreds of applicants.

At PublicServicePrep, we are dedicated to helping you pass each stage of the Public Service Commission recruitment process. Our online test preparation program provides you the opportunity to score high marks on the pre-employment recruitment exams associated with PSC jobs. Don’t let the entrance exams screen you out of a rewarding long-term career within the federal Public Service.

PSC Jobs - Are You Prepared?

PublicServicePrep can help you prepare for any of the following federal jobs through the Public Service Commission:

  • Jobs Open to the Public
  • Post-Secondary Recruitment Programs
  • The Federal Student Work Experience Program
  • Recruitment of Policy Leaders
  • Border Services/Customs Inspector (BSOT)
  • Canadian Forces (eCFAT)

PublicServicePrep will help you launch your new career!

Learn more!

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Border Services Test Preparation Course

Canadian Forces Test Preparation Course

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